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Putting the power of the media and 
Technology in the hands of the PEOPLE. est. 2015 TOC*

SERVICES: We help socially-conscious organizations use the power of media to carry out their mission and vision.

EDUCATION: We offer a variety of classes to help you create your own media and make it more effective.

TOOLS: We provide access to state-of-the-art media tools and high-end technology resources at affordable rates.

An overview of our current social network (G. March 6th 2016)

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Tel: (519) 720-0677

About: Real Peoples Media produces hard-hitting progressive news and analysis. Real Peoples Media is a janus project of the Real Peoples Foundation and Trust.

Mandate: Real Peoples Media is editorially independent. It operates under the Real Peoples Foundation and Trust's mandate and focuses on issues that fall broadly within the following categories: social and economic equality; green economy; and democratic renewal.

Commitment: Real Peoples Media delivers news, analysis and commentary in an entertaining way. Though taking strong editorial positions, Real Peoples Media is – first and foremost – driven by facts.  All information presented by Real Peoples Media is sourced and supported by links to credible and relevant online sources.

* Beta site screenshot from waybackmachine - Nov 6 2015 TOC

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